Sharper peaks, better separations

Unity/ Ultra TD

Unity/ Ultra TD

ULTRA is ideal for analytical laboratories wishing to upgrade their existing UNITY system to process multiple sample tubes efficiently. 

Product benefits

  • Enhance throughput – with capacity for up to 100 tubes and all the performance advantages of UNITY, you can generate reliable data all weekend.
  • Peace of mind – with the option of automated sample re-collection for repeat analysis, ULTRA offers simple method/data validation and overcomes the ‘one-shot’ limitation of other systems.
  • Future-proof your lab – ULTRA-UNITY systems are compatible with on-line and canister automation – allowing you to expand as the needs of your lab grow.
  • Save time and money – free-up your laboratory staff with robust automation for your world-leading UNITY thermal desorber.


  • Allows automated processing of up to 100 tubes with minimal operator intervention. 

  • Tube capping (DiffLok™ caps) preserves the integrity of every sample. 

  • Automatically track tube and sample history with Markes’ labour-saving TubeTAG™ informatics system. 

  • Operation is fully compliant with a range of international standard methods. 

  • Rapid tube cooling after desorption ensures fastest sample throughput

  • Options available for automated re-collection of up to 50 tubes, dry-purging, internal standard addition, electronic mass flow control of split and desorption flows, and compatibility with 4.5-inch (DAAMS) sorbent tubes. 

  • Add two ULTRA autosamplers for fully automated sample re-collection of both splits for all 100 sorbent tubes (AutoSecure™ TD system).

* This product is provided trough Agilent Technologies.