Sharper peaks, better separations



The principle of the ROXY is simple. With an electrochemical cell in the liquid stream, reactions occur in the passing components. In the case of the classical electrochemical detector, the difference in voltage is measured and this is used for quantification. Only the applied voltage difference is important here, and the detection will (mostly) take place in the LC-MS.
The liquid stream, the fluids used and the required voltage determine which cell will give the most optimal results. There are a number of different reactor cells available:

  • SynthesisCell
  • u-PrepCell
  • ReactorCell
  • ChipCell

Very many components react to a voltage difference; it is an unnatural process but we also make use of this principle in the human body. The application areas are not surprisingly, vast. The ROXY is an independent addition to your LC-MS system and can thus be used with any brand of LC-MS system. Below, a few of the possibilities.

Application areas:

  • Proteins/Peptides, Biopharmaceuticals
  • Disulfide Bond Reduction in Proteins & Biopharmaceuticals
  • Superior H/D Exchange
  • Salt Cluster Removal (Na, K, ..)
  • Protein/Peptide Cleavage (Digestion)
  • Drug – Protein Binding
  • Drug / Xenobiotic Metabolism
  • Metabolite Synthesis
  • Healthcare Products, Skin Sensitizer
  • Environmental Degradation / Persistence
  • Forensic Drugs, Drugs Abuse, Illicit Drugs