Sharper peaks, better separations

Mission Statement

Sharper Peaks, Better Separations!

That is the mission of what the JSB team of specialists stands for. Whether this is related to GCMS, LCMS or sample preparation solutions. JSB has a lot in store for you. From sample to report. We cover the complete process in chromatographic separations.

It is JSB’s goal to always focus on innovation and creating solutions to satisfy our customer’s needs. Our starting point is always the chromatographic challenge that a user is facing. The inspiration we get from these day to day challenges in the chromatographic market is the source for our innovative activities.

It is our goal to maintain a market and technology driven company that excels in supplying unique solutions to its customers and is always on top of the latest developments. Next to that we simply want to offer superb service and support, great knowledge about applications, be flexible and trustworthy.
In short our customers always benefit from sharper peaks and better separations!

Marco Koenen, director JSB