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Lease & Finance

JSB has been an Agilent Technologies Inc. Value Added Reseller for many years. The JSB concept is actually very simple: to provide you as our customer with the right solution for your application. Because of our proven reliability, JSB is also acting as a rent and lease partner for Agilent. We can now serve our customers even better by offering them the right instrumentation at the right time in combination with the right financial solution.

JSB offers three main financial services or combinations of the three.

  • Short Term Rental
  • Hire Purchase
  • Operational Lease

Your choice of financial solution depends totally on your needs regarding the time period and financial arrangement.

Short Term Rental

Are you looking for an system on short notice and only for a limited time period? Then renting is an option for you. Short term rental will enable you to maintain your productivity level and the continuity of your laboratory operations will be guaranteed. A product specialist will configure the right system for your needs, and when the contract is signed, the system will be made ready and tested before it is shipped out. The system will then be installed in your laboratory by a service engineer. 

Hire Purchase

When you need a new system, but your budget is tight, we can offer you the hire purchase service. This service provides a flexible rental period, during which we will send you a monthly invoice so your costs will be spread throughout the entire rental period. The system will be officially yours after the rental period.

Operational Lease         

With our operational leasing program, we are offering a truly up-to-date and more frequently used option in the analytical industry. Leasing offers you two major advantages: First, the system will not be entered on your balance sheet, and second, leasing offers you manageable fixed costs on a monthly basis. JSB will remain the owner of the system and will therefore, offer you additionally a full service package. This service will be offered to you automatically as part of the lease agreement.