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PAL RTC/RSI Benefits

PAL RTC/RSI Benefits

Enhanced productivity due to innovative technology.

The PAL3 RTC/RSI has a lot of benefits:

Ingeniously productive

  • Automatic selection of the syringe with optimal accuracy for adding standards or preparing serial dilutions
  • On the fly switching between a syringe tool for the addition of an internal standard and the LC-MS Tool for subsequent Analysis
  • Possibility to permanently configure several workflows on one system for a walk-up prep station, e.g. Liquid/Liquid Extraction and Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)
  • Automated optimization of methods e.g. by selecting the most suitable Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME) fiber from an array of 4 different ones
  • Derivatization reactions performed without manual intervention for productivity, protection against hazardous chemicals and process safety
  • Automation of labor intensive manual workflows like protein digestion

Increased Vial Capacity:

  • 162 x 2mL or 60 x 10mL or 20mL vials/tray holder, other vial types and microtiter plates can be handled
  • With temperature controlled stacks a maximum of 9216 samples out of 24 MTP's can be handled
  • Cooled Stack with position control

Minimized Carryover:

  • Bottom sensing makes sure that small volumes can be injected out of a few µL of sample (e.g. 3 x 1 µL out of 5 µL).
  • With Constant Force Technology the PAL detects the correct position of the needle in the specially designed needle seal. Potential carryover is avoided.

Process Safety:

  • Position detection means process safety. Missing vials or the correct position of the injector are detected and traced.
  • Position detection for the temperature controlled stack ensures that the drawer is in the correct position (open / closed) and the temperature is monitored.

Discriminatin free GC injection

  • Ultrafast injections down to 100ms reduce discrimination in GC down to C40/C20 > 0.98.

Efficient Mixing

  • For the efficient mixing during liquid homogenization and extraction steps
  • Magnetic transport of vials
  • Standard vial sizes: 2mL / 10mL / 20mL
  • One additional slot for custom vials
  • Provides efficient 2-phase mixing

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(The PAL system will be delivered through Axel Semrau)