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Autosampler Module (CDS 6000)

Autosampler Module (CDS 6000)

(Not available in the UK & Ireland)

CDS Autosampler Module
CDS's autosampler module with Dynamic Loading to improve productivity for any 6000 series pyrobe

With the Dynamic Loading Sequence Table (DLST), the 6000 series autosampler module provides hands-free and worry-free analysis for an infinite number of samples. The autosampler has 47 positions with capability to add samples on the go. The autosampler is driven by a novel hybrid mechanism, combining the reliability from the state-of-art air actuators and the precision from electronic step motors. DISC option is required to be installed with the autosampler module.

Product features:

-          Dynamic loading sequence
-          Heavy duty sample loading mechanism
-          Jam-free vertical loading
-          Hybrid driving mechanism
-          Easy maintenance
-          Great transparency


Number of positions: 47
Dynamic Loading: Yes, with infinite samples
Compatibility:  6150, 6200 with DISC Option
Weight: 12 kg
Dimension (W x H x D): 10”X 9” X 18”
Options: High speed temperature sensor

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