Sharper peaks, better separations




  • Micro-Deposition on Cryogenically-Cooled IR-transparent disc
  • Solid phase transmission FTIR spectra with high resolution
  • 4,000 FTIR Spectra of Drugs included in library
  • Runs stand-alone or in parallel with GC-MS

Key Applications

  • Controlled Substances
  • Amphetamines
  • Diastereomers
  • Ephedrine/Pseudoephedrine
  • Trace Analysis

Boost efficiency of your current compound ID

The new Spectra Analysis DiscovIR System is the perfect solution when identifying the components in a complex mixture. Infrared spectroscopy provides each compound’s unique fingerprint, making it quick and easy to identify each peak by comparison to the extensive solid phase IR libraries. The DiscovIR system is particularly useful in identifying structural isomers, which can be a challenging area for Mass Spectrometry.

Micro-Deposition Improves Analysis

DiscovIR’s unique temperature controlled, vacuum deposition method ensures that results are accurate and reproducible. Eluted peaks are first deposited in a film onto a rotating IR-transparent disc. The disk rotates the concentrated spot into the infrared beam and the spectrum is collected.

Concentrates Analytes in Minimal Area

Cryogenic temperature control of the Sample Disc minimizes the area of the deposited analyte. This produces a thicker sample layer and therefore higher sensitivity of the absorbance spectrum, generating a practical result where gas phase detectors deliver little useful information.

Immobilizes Entire Run

The entire run is available to be scanned again to investigate subtle features or improve signal-to-noise.

System Overview

Operating Principle Direct deposition of column eluent on
cryogenically-cooled ZnSe sample disc
Detection Method Built-in FTIR
IR Detector 0.1 x 0.1 mm MCT
IR Range 4000–700 Wavenumbers
Resolution 4 or 8 cm-1
Data Collection Real-time, with post-run rescan
Spectrum Type Transmittance through disc and solid-phase sample
Disc Capacity About 50 hours of chromatography
Disc Temperature Control -100 to –30°C; ambient to 100°C
Unattended operation 12 hours; Autosampler-compatible

Data Station

Platform Standard Desktop computer w/ Microsoft Windows™
Spectroscopy Package Thermo Galactic GRAMS/32 AITM
Standard Features • Real-time and post-run data collect
• Chromatographic / spectral workup
• Band chromatograms for chemical classes
• Ratio chromatograms for profiling trends
• Alignment and tuning tools
Library Search Library with 4,000 spectra of controlled substances

DiscovIR-LC Configuration

GC Flow Rates Accepted 0.1 to 5 ml/min
GC Temperatures Programmed up to 420°C
Sensitivity Picogram range (e.g.
Chromatograph Compatible with any GC system (user supplied)


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