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DISC (CDS 6000)

DISC (CDS 6000)

(Not available in the UK & Ireland)

CDS's 6th Generation Pyroprobe DISC accesoire

The Drop-In-Sample-Chamber (DISC) is a novel accessory module for the 6000 series Pyroprobes. It transforms the horizontal sample loading probe used in traditional manual pyrolysis system to a convenient vertical loading system. The DISC saves your precious time by reducing the sample tube loading process. When used with the filler rod, the DISC helps to reduce sample preparation time by skipping the quartz wool insertion. The DISC chamber also isolates the pyrolysis sample tube from touching the platinum heating coil and can help to eliminate coil damages.    

Product features:

-          CDS Resistively Heated Filament
-          Most convenient way to load pyrolysis samples
-          Minimum effort in routine maintenance
-          Upgrade to autosampler
-          Optical window
-          Software compatible


Temperature Range: Programmable to 1300°C
Heating Rate: Programmable from 0.00 °C /s to 20 °C /s
Interface Temperature: From ambient up to 300°C
Compatibility: 6150, 6200
Weight: 1.5 kg
Dimension (W x H x D): 4” X 5” X 3”
Options: Autosampler

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