Sharper peaks, better separations

PAL Smart SPME Fibers

PAL Smart SPME Fibers

A fast, safe and reliable sample preparation is the key factor for high producitvity and reduced costs per sample. PAL3 Series II with Smart Technology in combination with Smart consumables provides the required process safety and effectivity.

  • Excellent extraction properties combined with Smart handling and operational safety
  • Each SPME Fiber is equipped with its unique Smart chip containing parameters, ranges and usage history
  • Automatic application of the correct parameters for the individual Smart SPME Fibers
  • Color Code for easy identification of coating type and thickness
Since its introduction by Pawliszyn et al. (ref. 1) Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME) has seen a tremendous development. SPME is a very effective way of automated sample preparation. It is used for extracting organics from a matrix (solid, liquid or gaseous) into a stationary phase immobilized on a fiber. The analytes are thermally desorbed directly in the injector of a gas chromatograph.

PAL SPME Fibers have been developed and optimized for the most successful SPME sampler, the PAL System Autosampler. The fibers are offered with different coatings and film thicknesses. Their excellent extraction properties have been proven for many important applications.

For automation of SPME with the PAL RTC and PAL RSI a SPME Tool is available, as well as an Agitator Module for agitation/sample enrichment at up to 200°C and a SPME Fiber Conditioning Module.

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(The PAL system will be delivered through Axel Semrau)