Sharper peaks, better separations

Auto-Shot Sampler

Auto-Shot Sampler

(UK & Ireland only)

Powerful Tool for Continuous Polymer Analysis with Great Cost Savings and High Reliability Designed for the Multi-functional Pyrolyzers (Single-Shot / Double-Shot / EGA / Heart Cut EGA-GC modes)

Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography (Py-GC) is a very useful characterization tool for most of polymeric materials including insoluble solids and composite materials. PyGC is extensively used in a wide spectrum of application areas such as polymer chemistry, quality control, forensic science, environmental research, energy related technologies, geological science, and food chemistry.

Auto-Shot Sampler: AS-1020E has been developed to allow multiple samples to analyze in such technical areas. This equipment provides significant cost savings by reducing the workload and great improvement in the reliability of analysis results when combined with the Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer EGA/PY-3030D of Frontier Laboratories Ltd.