Sharper peaks, better separations

PTV inlet (with optional a Peltier Cooling)

PTV inlet (with optional a Peltier Cooling)

In the PTV mode, compounds are injected into a cooled liner with the split vent open. The temperature is ramped slightly so the solvent will vaporize and escape through the open split vent, leaving analytes behind. The split vent is then closed, and the proprietary coil and cartridge heater is rapidly heated to vaporize the analytes and transfer them to the column. Control of the TITAN XL is seamlessly integrated into the acquisition software. Benefits of the programmable heating rate include discrimination free transfer of analytes, sharper peaks and improved separation. This ultimately improves accuracy and detection limits.

Large Volume Injection (LVI) is a useful technique for:

  • Increasing Detection Limits
  • Reducing Sample Prep Time
  • Decreasing Starting Sample Volume

Do you want to know more about the PTV inlet or Peltier cooling? Please contact our experts and they gladly tell you more about the possibilities.