Sharper peaks, better separations

Infrared (LC-IR)

Infrared (LC-IR)



  • Micro-Deposition on Cryogenically-Cooled IR-transparent disc
  • Unique, Proprietary LC interface
    removes solvent interference
  • Collects real-time IR spectrum
  • On-line analysis
  • No sample handling!

Key Applications

  • Deformulation
  • Co-polymer Compositional Drift
  • Extractables & Leachables
  • Minor Component Identification
  • Chemical Troubleshooting
  • Degradation/Failure Analysis


Enhanced Resolution
Infrared Detection System for HPLC and GPC

System Overview

Operating Principle Direct deposition of column eluent on moving ZnSe sample disc
IR Spectrometer Built-in FTIR
IR Detector 0.1 mm MCT
Wavenumber Range 4000–650 cm-1
Data Collection Real-time, with post-run analysis available
Spectrum Type Transmittance through disc and solid-phase sample
Window Capacity 12-24 hours of chromatography
Window Temperature -100°C to +50°C


Data Station

Platform Windows™ XP
Spectroscopy Package Grams32
Standard Features • Real-time and post-run data collect
• Chromatographic / spectral workup
• Band chromatograms for chemical classes
• Ratio chromatograms for profiling trends
Library Search Library Search Software included
Spectra compatible with all solid phase FTIR Libraries


DiscovIR-LC Configuration

Sample Delivery Multi-Step Desolvation Interface
Flow Rates Accepted 0.25 to 1.5 mL/min
Compatible Solvents Water, ACN, Methanol, THF, Chloroform
Compatible Additives Volatile buffers (ammonium carbonates, acetates, formates), trifluoroacetic acid (TFA), triethylamine (TEA)
Sensitivity Typically 1ug per component
Chromatograph Any Liquid Chromatograph System (supplied by user)