Sharper peaks, better separations

Multimode inlet (MMI)

Multimode inlet (MMI)

The Multimode Inlet (MMI) for the 7890B gas chromatograph (GC) increases the analytical capability of the system.

  • Inject large volumes of sample and split away the solvent. Dramatically increase the sensitivity.
  • Inject thermally labile compounds at a cool temperature, even sub ambient temperatures, and then ramp quickly to transfer to the column. Good sensitivity and peak shape for challenging compounds.
  • Inject using standard split or splitless techniques. No need to redevelop a working method.

The injection technique that is used for a method can be tailored to the compounds. Using the MMI the GC can meet current analytical needs and provides flexibility to meet future regulatory requirements.

The Multimode Inlet provides the flexibility of a standard Agilent split/splitless inlet, combined with temperature programmable capabilities that allow for large-volume injection.


Multimode Inlet Specifications

Cryogenic Cooling

Liquid N2 to -160 ºC, liquid CO2 to -70 ºC

Air cooling

To ambient +10 ºC with oven temperature

Heating Rate

Up to 900 ºC per minute

Maximum Temperature

450 ºC

Temperature Programming

Up to 10 ramps at up to 900 ºC/min

Injection Modes

Hot or cold split/splitless, pulsed split/splitless, solvent vent, direct

Capillary column suitability

All (50 µm to 530 µm)

EPC pressure range

0 to 100 psig

Split ratio

Up to 7500 to 1 to avoid column overload

Total flow setting range

0 to 200 mL/min N2, 0 to 1,250 mL/min H2 or He

Compatible with Merlin Microseal septum


Setup of parameters facilitated with Agilent Solvent Elimination Calculator


Compatible with Turn Top Inlet Sealing System for quick, easy liner changes


Splitless mode for trace analysis. Pressure pulsed splitless is easily accessible for improved performance.


Electronic septum purge flow control



Qurious about the Mulitmode inlet and the possibilities? Our experts will advice you on how to use it effective.