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ZX2 Thermal Modulator

ZX2 Thermal Modulator

ZX2 Cooled Loop Modulation GC x GC System Eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen for thermal modulation. The ZX2 employs a closed cycle refrigerator/heat exchanger to produce -90° cold jet. The ZX2 modulates volatile and semi volatile compounds over the C7+ range. True “set it and forget it” operation for long periods of time, suitable for busy service analysis situations.


  • 2 stage loop modulator
  • Closed cycle cooling assembly for cold jet. Eliminates LN2
  • Modulation rated for C7+
  • Installs on Agilent 8890 GC, 7890GC, 6890GC, 5975QMS, Shimadzu GC-2010 & GCMS-QP2010Plus, Thermo Trace GC
  • Secondary oven installed as an option. Can run both columns under same temperature program
  • Secondary oven can lead or lag the main oven up to 40°C
  • No moving parts
  • Modulation cycle range from 1000ms – 32000ms


  • No liquid cryogen needed for cold jet
  • Easy to handle and manage without cryogenic liquids
  • Easy to install; most users can manage own installation within 2 hours
  • Can be uninstalled and allow GC to be used for other methods. Not necessary to have dedicated GC
  • More robust than the Quad Jet
  • Better hot and cold jet gas consumption than Quad
  • True “set and forget” operation; no more LN2 logistics

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