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Air monitoring: Mobile Tracer Detection System

Air monitoring: Mobile Tracer Detection System

Tracer tagging technology has become an increasingly popular method of locating leaks and tracing flow paths in high voltage cables, hazardous waste containers, interstate natural gas pipelines, and oil wells.

Wasson-ECE provides the industry standard in turn-key mobile tracer detection systems. The systems come fully configured with control and data analysis software that is interfaced with GPS mapping software. The mapping software allows the user to see a visual record of sampling location and leak status.

Mapping software enables visual confirmation of the leak location.

The system is tracer specific and configurable to most perfluoronated tracer compounds available, including PDCB, PMCH, and PDMCH. With femtoliter per liter (fL/L) sensitivity, the Tracer Analyzer automatically calibrates on the background ambient concentration of the tracer, allowing system alarms to be set relative to the background signal.

Faster detection means less financial and environmental impact.

For fluid filled high voltage cables, the Mobile Tracer Detection System allows the user to pinpoint a leak location quickly, sometimes in a matter of hours, without having to de-energize the cable. This improves efficiency over conventional freeze and pressure techniques, which translates to cost savings and smaller environmental impact.

Analysis of PDMCH by GC/FID with Wasson-ECE proprietary trapping technology.