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Split/Splitless Inlet

Split/Splitless Inlet

The combined split/splitless inlet is the most popular inlet for capillary column gas chromatography. Because it can be used in either split or splitless mode, it provides a very effective combination that can cover most analysis requirements.

For analysts doing trace level work in food testing, environmental and toxicology labs, our proprietary vapor deposition UltiMetal Plus* is applied to the inlet weldment.  Deactivating the hot metal surfaces in the flow path becomes important if you increase the injection volume to do trace analysis, overfilling the liner and exposing analytes to the metal.
*Note coloration differences are common from the deactivation


  • Inert Flow Path Split/Splitless Inlet with UltiMetal Plus treatment creates an inert surface 7890 inlet weldment and shell:
  • Limit adsorption / degradation active analytes in contact hot metal parts.
  • Target trace GC/MS and GC-ECD pesticide analysis
  • Combine with Agilent Ultra Inert Liners, Ultra Inert gold seals, and Ultra Inert GC columns for a complete Ultra Inert Flow Path
  • Inert Flowpath option on the 7890B (#114 ) or upgrade existing 7890s with G3452-60570 and G3452-60586