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Lab Automation

Lab Automation

JSB specializes in the automation of environmental, clinical, analytical, life science and R & D laboratories. Because automation is never a standard solution, we assume a joint project in which JSB, while bearing the ultimate responsibility for the end result, does not impose the solution.

Aspects of such a project

What can you expect from us?

  • Development of the concept and boundary conditions;
  • Selection of instruments and method of implementation;
  • Determining the required software integration;
  • Project approval and acceptance criteria;
  • Implementation, testing, training, validation and follow-up.

JSB has its own development department for Lab Automation

During the entire project, one of our project managers will be closely involved in each subsequent step until the final result is delivered to your satisfaction. Lab automation can be about an instrument, an application or a total solution of multiple instruments. We use our own development department, but we also have certified partners who can participate in a project.

The use of an RFID in an automation project

Automation also includes the identification functionality of the sample. This can be done with a barcode reader as well as with the new and reliable RFID technology. The readers can be mounted in different ways and built into the protocol. The chips can be fully adapted to specific needs in terms of size, shape and confirmation method. Priorities include samples and cherry picking from large sample quantities.

Here you find an overview of our Lab Automation solutions: