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Pyroprobe 4000

Pyroprobe 4000

(Not available in the UK & Ireland)

CDS 4000
CDS's most cost effective single temperature Pyroprobe.

 The CDS Model 4000 Pyroprobe® has been specially developed for the occasional need for pyrolysis equipment. Although it offers the same specifications for heating and accuracy, the Model 4000 can be purchased at a much more economically price. Design simplicity makes the installation simple and fast; your Model 4000 can be connected to a conventional GC within a few seconds.

It is designed in a compact, light package with all necessary consumables and accessories. You use any PC and the device comes with user-friendly Windows software.

Product features:

-       CDS resistively heated filament
-       Super compact design with small foot print
-       Compatible to all major GC through remote start cable
-       Direct GC injector port mount
-       Sample rack for easy sample storage
-       Compatible with the CDS thermal desorption probe
-       USB connectivity
-       Powerful PC interface
-       Quick connect cables

Programmable Time: 0 - 999.9 minutes
Trap: No
Temperature Range: Up to 1300°C
Temperature Accuracy: 1°C
Heating Rate: 0.01°C/ms to 20°C/ms
0.01°C/sec to 999.9°C/sec
0.01°C/min to 999.9°C/min

Probe Clean: Yes 
Probe Dry: Yes
Multi-Temperature Steps: No
Interface Type: Low Thermal Mass
Interface Temperature: Up to 350°C
Interface Heating Rate: 1°C/min to 100°C/min
GC Connection: Injection Port Direct Mount
Dimension (W x H x D): 25 cm x 44cm x 46 cm
Options: None

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