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Agilent 7650 Autosampler

Agilent 7650 Autosampler

The Agilent 7650 autosampler is the right solution if you want to automatically analyse more than 16 samples but less than 150 samples. This autosampler has a capacity of 50 positions. The injectionvolume depends on the choosen spraytype but has a variety of 1 untill 250μl injections. This autosampler is compatible with the 7890, 7820 and the latest GC's.


  • Holds up to 50 samples
  • Up to 3 layers in a sandwich injection mode
  • Self-alignment for inlet and sample position
  • Illuminated syringe carriage for easy viewing, troubleshooting and method development
  • Fast injection technology minimizes needle discrimination and enables use of external standards
  • Perform single-stroke and multi-stroke injections 
  • Holds up to 250-µL and 500-µl syringes for large volume injections
  • Priority sample capability. There is no need to stop the sequence to add next most important sample

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