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Diablo 5000B Real-Time Gas Analyzer (RTGA)

Diablo 5000B Real-Time Gas Analyzer (RTGA)

The Diablo 5000B Real-Time Gas Analyzer (RTGA) is a real-time chemical measurement tool for continuous process improvement.  It is ideal for applications where fast chemical analysis is required, such as monitoring process transients and dynamic continuous reactions.  The 5000B RTGA can be used for fuel cell gas analysis, syngas monitoring, catalyst research, monitoring of volatile solvent residues, pharmaceutical reactor headspace monitoring, and many other applications.

Diablo 5000B RTGA Performance Benefits

  • Fast, real-time response to process changes
  • Flexible, rugged, fast responding direct process sampling interface.  Multiple interface configurations are available for high-flow, high-pressure, low-flow, fast-response, and vacuum sampling.
  • Uses a high-performance Agilent Technologies 5977 quadrupole mass spectrometer (5977 MSD)
  • Easy conversion of the 5977 MSD from direct RTGA/MS to standard GC/MS configuration
  • Linear response and stable, reliable quantitative analysis  with active pressure compensation
  • Easy to use MS Sensor 4.0 process analysis software  and Application Builder software for easy creation of methods
  • Hardware and software enhancements allow for hydrogen and helium detection

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