Sharper peaks, better separations

CDS 7550s Autosampler

CDS 7550s Autosampler

CDS 7550S
Stand-alone 72 position Thermal Desorption system

The CDS 7550S is a stand-alone 72 position Thermal Desorption Autosample which does not need a separate sample concentrator, like the 7550 model. Built on the 2nd generation autosampler platform, the CDS 7550S is capable of 3D positioning within 1 mm, and thanks to its unique custom calibration, it could handle 3.5" standard Thermal Desorption tube from any manufacturer. These features make CDS 7550 the most reliable Thermal Desorption autosampler available to the market. The 7550S adopts two focus modes as Pre-desorb and Pre-heat function for high humidity sample, and optional Peltier module for lighter compounds, to improve the resolution of early eluting peaks.

Product features:

  • 72 Position Autosampler
  • Cryogen Free with Pre-Desorb and Pre-Heat
  • Stand-Alone Autosampler
  • High Temperature Valve Oven Programmable to 350°C
  • Excellent TD Tube Compatibility
  • Powerful Windows Based Software
  • Built-in Leak Check
  • Optical Sensor
  • Precision Robotic Arm


TD Tube Positions: 72
Tube Supported: 1/4" X 3.5" Or 6 mm X 4.5"
Concentrator: Built-in
Focus Trap: Low Thermal Mass Vocarb
Pre-Desorb Pre-Heat: Yes, Standard
Peltier: Yes, Optional from -20°C
Tube Heating Rate: 1000°C/min
Trap Heating Rate: 900°C/min
Valve Oven: Up to 350°C
Transfer Line: Up to 350°C
Sample Desorb: Up to 400°C
Focus Desorb: Up to 400°C
GC Connection: Heated Transfer Line
Internal Standard: Yes, optional
Sample Saver: No
Weight: 23 kg
Dimension (W x H x D): 56.9cm X 48.2cm X 62.2cm

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