Sharper peaks, better separations



CDS 9305
Near-real time sampling Thermal Desorption system.

The CDS 9305 Thermal Desorption system adds a Mass Flow Controller (MFC) for near-real time sampling. It features a hand-held controller for system maintenance and direct communication. With the highest programmable valve temperature on the market (350°C), the 9305 can venture into applications where other systems can not perform, including VOCs, sVOCs, polar and nonpolar compounds. The two stage trapping and desorption process with Pre-desorb and Pre-heat feature eliminate the need of any Peltier cooling or liquid cryogen to improve the resolution for early eluting molecules. An optional heated sampling line is available to collect air samples.

Product features:

  • Versatile Configurations to Mainstream TD Tubes
  • Cryogen Free with Pre-Desorb and Pre-Heat
  • Hand-Held Plug-in Control Interface
  • High Temperature Valve Oven at max 350°C
  • Built Tough with Easy Maintenance
  • Powerful Windows Based Software
  • Built-in MFC
  • Quick Conncect to vacuum
  • Compatible to Summe Canister


Programmable Time's: 0 – 999.9 minutes
Focus Trap: Yes, Standard 1/8" Vocarb
Optional 6 mm Tenax-TA
Dynamic Range: C2-C33+
Cyrogen: Not Required. Standard Pre-Desorb 
Temperature Accuracy: 1°C
Tube Heating Rate: 1000°C/min
Trap Heating Rate: 900°C/min
Valve Oven: Up to 350°C
Transfer Line: Up to 350°C 
Sample Desorb: Up to 400°C
Focus Desorb: Up to 400°C
On-Line Sampling: Near-real Time, Single Tube
GC Connection: Heated Transfer Line
Weight: 19 kg
Dimension (W x H x D): 13" X 11" X 18

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