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Chromatography solutions

Chromatography solutions

JSB is the supplier of chromatography solutions and consumables for GC, GC-MS, LC, LCMS and GCxGC systems. Gas analyzers, Gas generators, Software and Lab Automation are also part of our expertise. 

JSB is a Premium Solution partner of Agilent Technologies in the Benelux. Based on Agilent Technologies systems we create totalsolutions and everything in between.

As we work together with various international partners, we are flexible and can offer customized system configurations for a variousity of needs. We can create complicated links for GC and / or LC systems with multiple detectors, different types of injection techniques, online process systems, links to the network and numerous of other options.

On the left side you will find an overview of the systems that we offer. Are you looking for something else? Please contact one of our specialists and they will help you find the right solution.