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News - New app note: Pyrolysis-GCxGC-QTOF about Crude Oils

New app note: Pyrolysis-GCxGC-QTOF about Crude Oils


Crude oil consists of an extremely large amount of compounds covering a wide range of volatility and chemistry. This makes detailed composition characterization highly challenging.

Pyrolysis coupled to comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry (py-GC×GC-HRMS) is a very powerful technique for the characterization of complex, heavy matrices such as crude oils. The two-dimensional resolution provides enhanced separation of the pyrolysis products, leading to improved classification for groups and individual analytes. Additionally, the 2D pyrograms make sample comparison easier and more informative. In addition, high resolution and accurate mass can deliver extra selectivity and identification power, especially for compounds with heteroatoms (e.g. N, S, O).

Here we show the use of py-GC×GC for improved characterization and comparison of crude oils and the advantages arising from HRMS detection for speciation of heteroatoms such as sulfur-containing compounds.

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