Sharper peaks, better separations



Multidimensional gas chromatography or GCxGC, is developed by ZOEX. Using this technique it is possible to analyze complex samples that are too difficult to analyze by GC or other conventional techniques, for example by co-eluting peaks, to unravel. Several modulators are available. The choice of the type of modulator depends on your application area.

The following options are available:

  • Flow modulator;
  • Modulator cooled with liquid nitrogen, ZX-1;
  • Modulator cooled by means of a peltier cooling, ZX-2;

The used editing software is GC-image.

GCxGC Modulators overview


Overview GCxGC Solutions 

Gas Chromatographs Agilent 6890 and 7890 GC systems

Detectors Agilent 5973 MSD, FID, NPD, SCD and NCD detectors, and TOF-MS and QTOF systems

Thermal Modulators Zoex ZX1 liquid Nitrogen cooled loop type modulator, Zoex ZX2 Nitrogen/Air cooled loop type modulator

CFT Flow Modulators Agilent Capillary Flow Technology: Deans Switches and splitters

Accessories Zoex Autofill Unit for LN2 supply management for the ZX1 modulator, and column holders for ZX1 and ZX2, secondary column ovens

Software GC Image and GC Project Software which interfaces with many GC platforms, Image Software also for LCXLC control

Sampling CDS Pyrolysis, headspace, EST Purge and Trap, CTC Sampling station

Consumables Restek GCxGC column sets, liners, ferrules, septa and kits

Valving Smart valving solutions for GC and detector systems

Gas Supply Inert gas supplies to assure maximum instrument performance and quality analysis

Products can be operated in combination with all other brands of GC’s.