Sharper peaks, better separations

ClearView software

ClearView software

Who should use ClearView?

ClearView is ideal for any analyst needing to avoid the time-consuming manual baseline removal and re-integration of GC-MS chromatograms. 

How does ClearView work?

ClearView uses dynamic baseline compensation algorithms to distinguish between ions that contribute to chromatographic peaks and those that are just baseline anomalies. This enables the selective removal of interferences such as GC column bleed, humps of unresolved sample matrix, extended solvent tails and air ingress.


What benefits does ClearView offer?

ClearView brings the following benefits to the GC-MS analyst:

  • ClearView improves sensitivity by removing baseline anomalies
  • Cleaner baselines make identification of trace target analytes easier
  • Integration is simplified, improving quantitative accuracy
  • The need for manual re-integration is eliminated, reducing costs and boosting lab throughput
  • Files are processed rapidly, either individually or as a batch
  • Original GC-MS files remain intact for comparison or future reference

Key Applications

  • Remove GC interferences 
  • Find trace-level compounds hidden under background signals 
  • Simplify peak integration 
  • Improve quantitative accuracy 
  • Eliminate time-intensive manual processing 
  • Process large numbers of files quickly 
  • Reduce laboratory running costs