Sharper peaks, better separations

Sample introduction

Sample introduction

Software is one of the most important parts of an analysis system. Not only the actuation, but also the detection, the control over the system, the results in graphic and numerical form, the registration of analyses, the help with the interpretation of the results and the identification of the separated substances are carried out with the aid of software. A useful registration plan is often also possible in the software and with this, also gives insight into the commonly used consumables.

Agilent Chemstation variations

Many software solutions are available. One of the most well-known software systems for example, is Agilent Chemstation. But this software has limitations; not all sample preparation equipment or detectors can be controlled within ChemStation. Also, implementation in LIMS systems or Electronic Laboratory Notes (ELN) or Electronic Lab logs makes a variety of software programs necessary.


As a system integrator, JSB has the in-house knowledge, expertise and creativity to recommend, to select and to implement the correct software according to your needs. Obviously JSB is also able to offer a personal solution with custom-made software.


Below is an overview of the most common software systems that JSB deals with:

  • Wiley Library Software
  • Clinical Assistant (JSB)