Sharper peaks, better separations

Time-of-flight MS for GC and GC×GC

Time-of-flight MS for GC and GC×GC





Tak​e the next step up in GC–MS from quadrupole, and harness the SIM-level sensitivity and full spectral information available with TOF MS, while keeping the user interface you’re familiar with. Click here for the BenchTOF-Evolve product page.




Offering better sensitivity than quad-SIM with full reference-quality spectra, the exceptional analytical performance of BenchTOF-HD is complemented by the outstanding productivity enhancements of TOF-DS™ software – an intuitive package offering full system control, combined with comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analysis. Click here for the BenchTOF-HD product page.




Offering all the advantages of BenchTOF-HD, and incorporating Markes’ revolutionary Select-eV® variable-energy ionisation technology, BenchTOF-Select is the ultimate system for analysts requiring world-class analytical capability and productivity. Click here for the BenchTOF-Select product page.