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Air Monitoring TO-Can Cleaner

Air Monitoring TO-Can Cleaner

The TO-Clean Canister Cleaner is a fully automated system compliant with EPA Method TO-14A/15 specifications and designed to take the guesswork out of canister cleaning. With features that include a twelve 6-liter canister capacity oven and an easy to use touch screen, the high performance TO-Clean system will increase lab efficiency. The fully automated TO-Clean design allows the user to start a cleaning cycle and then focus on other essential tasks. Additionally, the TO-Clean Canister Cleaner comes with an automated leak check method and diagnostics screen to ensure optimal system operation.

To-Clean Features

  • EPA Method TO-14A/15 compliant
  • Twelve 6L canister capacity
  • Embedded touch screen controller
  • Automated system leak test
  • Electronic valve control
  • Custom-built trays for different canister sizes
  • Up to 10 user defined methods
  • Isothermal oven
  • Edwards RV-8 vacuum pump capable of system pressure of 40 mTorr or optional upgrade to dry pump
  • Orbital welded stainless steel manifold
  • Electronic pressure transducers with digital readout
  • Cold trap and humidifer

The on-board touch screen controller makes the TO-Clean system operation as easy as pressing start. The controller allows the user to define method parameters such as the number of cycles, the pressure settings, and the duration of soak times. Once a specific method is defined it can be stored for later use. The TO-Clean touch screen controller will store up to ten different methods.

TO-Clean Touch Screen Controller

Touch Screen Control