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GC×GC Training

JSB training course on GC×GC with focus on thermal modulation and software

A theoretical and practical course on comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (GC×GC) will be organized by JSB on September 26th-29th 2017 in Lelystad (the Netherlands).

The 4-day GC×GC training course will offer an introduction to the theory of 2D separations and discuss the practical aspects of GC×GC with flow and thermal modulation.

Hands-on sessions will give the chance to set-up and use a cryogen-free Zoex thermal modulator and the GC Image software package for 2D data analysis.

Who should attend?

GC users from academia and industry who want to discover how GC×GC works and what benefits this increasingly popular, wide-spread technique might bring to their labs.

GC×GC users who wish to consolidate their theoretical understanding or learn on how to make the best of their system with dedicated method optimization and troubleshooting sessions.

What will you learn?

  • The theory of GC×GC
  • The operating principles of flow and thermal modulation
  • Understanding the chemistry behind 2D plots
  • Thermal modulation: method/optimization and troubleshooting
  • Looking into your 2D data: GC Image software
  • GC×GC-HRMS with the Agilent QTOF

4-day program

Day 1: Theory and hardware of GC×GC with thermal and flow modulation
Day 2: Method development/optimization with thermal modulation
Day 3: GC Image software – introduction and hands-on session
Day 4: GC×GC-HRMS with the Agilent QTOF

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