Sharper peaks, better separations

Flex GC Autosampler


liquid injection

Liquid Injection

Delivers standard or large volume injection of up to 500 uL: The FLEX performs liquid sample introduction with the ability to control injection speeds from ultra-fast to very slow for optimized, reproducible results. Streamlined design with robust engineering gives analysts confidence



The FLEX provides automation to your liquid or headspace SPME analysis, including fiber conditioning, sample extraction, and fiber desorption. Derivatization can be performed on the fiber or reagents added to the sample prior to extraction. The FLEX can handle all commercially available fibers.



The Flex puts you in control of productivity. With user-friendly software that enables the analysis of multiple samples at a time, the Flex optimizes your GC or GC/MS’s productivity. The syringe is heated and purged with clean carrier gas to prevent carryover.


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• 90/264 50/60 VAC Hz input power supply
– Multiple power supplies are available based on options installed.

• Incubator/Agitate box
– 6-position vial holder for 20ml headspace vials
– Capable of holding 2ml and 10ml vials with    inserts
– Incubator capable of heating to 200 °C.
– Agitation of all 6 positions from 250 to 750 rpm
• SPME Fiber Conditioner
– Single position fiber conditioner with sweep gas.
– Maximum temperature 350 °C
• Headspace Option
– Heated syringe holder to accommodate 1.0 ml to 2.5ml heated headspace syringes
– Maximum temperature 150 °C
• Tray and other stations
– 2ml tray; 105 position (up to 4 trays)
– 10ml-20ml tray; 32 position
– Custom trays available
• 10ml Rinse/Waste station – 4 positions
• 100ml Rinse/Solvent – 2 positions with a waste port
• Mounting hardware available for various GC platforms