Sharper peaks, better separations

Agilent SP1 GC Process Solutions

Agilent SP1 GC Process Solutions

Our solutions range from basic system modifications – such as using chemically inert materials and specialty columns in systems that quantitate trace contaminants in petrochemical streams – to complex, multi-valve analyzers that let you characterize a sample’s diverse components.

On the following pages, you will find Agilent’s complete energy and chemical analyzer portfolio, including:

• More than 100 factory tested, ready-to-use GC analytical solutions developed to meet industry standards such as ASTM, UOP, EN, and GPA*

• Custom analyzer systems configured and tested to your application’s pre-determined specifications

• Specific instruments and tools designed, delivered, and supported by Agilent Channel Partners

Whether you need a ready-to-go configuration or a custom analyzer, Agilent can help you and your team spend less time on analytical setup and more time producing outstanding results!