Sharper peaks, better separations




Standard Agilent LC-MS resources

  • Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization Resource (APCI)
  • Atmospheric Pressure Photoionization Resource (APPI)
  • Capillary Electrospray Resource
  • Electrospray Resource (ESI)
  • Multimode Resource
  • HPLC-Chip Cube MS Interface.

Standard Agilent GC-MS resources

  • Electron Impact Resource (EI)
  • Chemical Ionization Resource (PCI & NCI)
  • Combi Resource (EI/PCI/NCI)
  • Volatile Electron Impact Resource
  • Source for Direct Insertion Probe

ID Cube

The ID Cube can be compared with the DART Open Spot. It is a slightly less flexible resource with fewer possibilities for introducing the sample but through its heating of the sample carrier material it can attain somewhat higher temperatures, which are necessary for some materials.


In some cases it is desirable to make a measurement with MALDI, but where a specific instrument for MALDI alone is not justified. In that case an APMALDI source can provide a result. This source is available for a number of different LC-MS systems. The source is simple to exchange and gives excellent results in terms of sensitivity. It is no way inferior to other MALDI systems. The standard MALDI plates can be used with this source.

Nano Splitters

Working with Nano flow and capillary columns of 100um has not yet made inroads into every lab. One of the bottlenecks is the expensive Nano flow pumps that are required to run gradients on these flows. Conventional (u)HPLC pumps and the use of (variable) splitters is being considered more and more. The use of these splitters, especially in conjunction with the Deans principle, gives excellent results for Nano HPLC at a much lower price. We are happy to advise you on how to convert your HPLC for the use of a lower flow. Our assortment of (Nano)splitters is extensive.

Flow Liquid Liquid Extraction

In some situations it is necessary to use salts for the separation, which are not compatible with LC-MS resources. In these situations, there is a possibility for allowing a liquid / liquid extraction to take place in the liquid stream.There are excellent solutions commercially available and we can be of service to you here.