Sharper peaks, better separations



LCxLC is an emerging technique. Subsequent to GCxGC becoming a standard technique in the laboratory, LCxLC is also gradually going same way.

Agilent has now brought out an LCxLC system, which is fully integrated into the standard software. The technique has many options and almost endless possibilities for improving separation. This requires the correct choice of columns in the first and second dimension, and a suitable gradient. We offer a wide range of (U)HPLC columns and can be of service with both the choice of column as well as with the gradient.

By making use of the high-pressure Binary 1290 pump, it is possible to run gradients of a few seconds. Only with perfect pump performance is it possible to obtain reproducible results. Using the LC-image software, we are able to process, interpret and quantify results from UV, DAD, MS and even HR-MS.