Sharper peaks, better separations

BenchTOF Evolve

BenchTOF Evolve

BenchTOF-Evolve delivers enhanced sensitivity with full spectral information, in an easy-to-use, flexible platform, enabling confident, trace-level identification of both targets AND unknowns in a single run.

Product benefits

    • Minimal training requirements – you can even use your existing GC–MS software

    • Fast and simple method set-up

    • Flexibility to connect to all popular GCs

    • Confident identification using reference-quality spectra

    • Eliminate interferences with sub-unit mass selectivity

    • Save time with minimal maintenance requirements


Get the most out of your data

As part of the comprehensive BenchTOF-Evolve package, you​ also receive Markes' TargetView™ GC–MS software for confident identification of co-eluting or 'hidden' compounds.

Because it is compatible with a variety of GC–MS data formats, TargetView helps you unify your laboratory procedures.