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JSB and fencing: We make a sport of everything!

JSB has decided to support a young Dutch fencer, Tom Bontes (19). Tom’s
ambition is to take part in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Besides passion, knowledge and skill, a lot of effort is needed. It is with great pleasure that we will support Tom in attaining his goal, by helping supply his equipment.

JSB and sponsoring

Corporate social responsibility is very important to JSB. We would like to disseminate this responsibility by sponsorship, but it also fits into our corporate culture. Our team works daily with effort, passion, knowledge and ability concerning all of our activities within the chromatographic market. In this way, we can build, on a daily basis, our GC or HPLC systems and we would like to direct our efforts to helping you. Through this sponsorship we can share our culture with an ambitious athlete with the same ambition, which is to be the best in our field.

New campaign

From now on, you will see our sponsored fencer, Tom, in our advertisements and publicity. JSB will make use of the Zorro theme for this campaign.


You can keep up to date with Tom’s progress from the blog below, to which we will be adding regular updates
On behalf of our team and customers, we wish Tom every success in achieving his goal and for every step he takes on the road to Rio in 2016!

17/09/2014 – Introductie Tom Bontes


Tom Bontes